About Kyrah Dickens, LMFT

About Kyrah Dickens, LMFT


Kyrah Dickens, LMFT- Anxiety, Trauma and EMDR Therapist

Therapy for adolescents and adults online across California.

Hi, I’m Kyrah Dickens, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, EMDR Trained, Trauma-Focused CBT Certified, and Certified Hypnotherapist that works with adolescents and adults who have ongoing challenges with anxiety, past trauma and low self-esteem.  My goal is to help you stop dwelling on negative thoughts and start facilitating positive change.

My Journey To Becoming A Therapist

Like everyone else, I’m human. I’ve been through both wonderful and difficult experiences that have shaped who I am and how I help.

“My passion has always been to help those who feel stuck in life; unable to see past their hurt, pain and overwhelmed feelings. My gift is having empathy and compassion for others and wanting to help them get “unstuck” and guide them to move beyond their circumstances and life’s challenges. I’ve been on both sides as a client and a therapist and know therapy works as long as one is willing to do the work.”

My life experiences are what lead me to become the Therapist I am today.

Helping People Is A Gift To Others, But Also To Myself

Being a Therapist is rewarding. I love guiding people towards positive changes and witnessing them achieve more fulfilling lives. The most rewarding thing about being a Therapist is celebrating when my client’s make progress.

I am committed to facilitating positive change.

I Have A Strong Pull Towards Helping And Bring An Open, Non-judgmental Presence To Sessions

I have a natural ability to:

  • Help people feel comfortable
  • Collaborate with people to set goals and help them reach them
  • Accept people for who they are and in their current life circumstances
  • Help clients heal their past and manage the present

People who know me often say that I am a good listener who can help people feel heard and understood which helps people feel seen and able to start healing.

Our Sessions Are Focused On You

Sessions will provide you with the space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and goals. In feeling safe and comfortable, you’ll be able to figure things out about yourself.

It’s important to me to provide a non-judgmental space where you can be yourself and focus on setting goals and working on reaching them together. There isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to Therapy. Our sessions will fit your specific needs and concerns.

As A Therapist, I Embrace The Following Philosophies

  • I believe that therapy works when both of us are committed to your healing
  • I believe that change is possible when you allow yourself the space to do the work
  • I believe that people underestimate their ability to change. It’s possible to change. It’s possible to enjoy life again.
  • I believe that the biggest thing standing in your way is the fear that life always has to be the way that it is now
  • I believe that we can stop feeling shame when we share our story with someone who can hear it with empathy and understanding

My Professional Background

Kyrah Dickens is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has worked with diverse backgrounds including children, teens, adults and families in community mental health, forensic psychology, mental health clinic and victims of crime for almost a decade. Kyrah has extensive training in CBT trauma-informed treatment, EMDR and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Other specialty areas include anxiety, PTSD, depression, parenting, relationship conflict, anger management, divorce, life transitions, self-esteem, grief, and loss.

Kyrah utilizes an integrated approach including CBT, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Solution-Focused, Motivational Interviewing, and Person-Centered treatment modalities tailored to meet your individual needs. She provides a safe and warm space to work collaboratively to empower and help you to overcome life’s challenges while finding more joy and purpose in life.

Kyrah is here to help, you don’t have to do this alone.

Let’s Discover How I Can Help

Start living in the moment and enjoying it. Get your free phone consultation where you can share what’s going on for you and we can explore how I can help.

Call me today at 1-888-432-5032. I’m here for you.